My learnings of not drinking alcohol during the year 2017.

First of all: I would recommend it to everyone to stop drinking for a challenging amount of time to raise your own awareness about alcohol.

Pic of a drunk me in 2010

I was never an addict, but I did have my occasional 'glass to much' and student-drunk stories. In my more and more 'conscious life-style' I couldn't miss out growing in awareness about this topic.

So I decided to quit drinking all alcohol and drugs for 1 year.

Most of the times I didn't miss it. But, I'm also going to be honest, it was also hard on a few rare occasions.

To break the myth: No, I didn't lock myself up during this year. The opposite! I've quit my job and started traveling the world. I've visited wine countries like Spain and Italy and went to the Balkan where you can have cocktails for 3 euro. All of this made it harder to resist, but I did it!

I met hundreds of new people at social events without taking that offered glass, I went to a dozen of first dates without ending the night drunk and I attended celebrations, festivals, parties of all sorts all without drinking one sip of alcohol. Did I have a boring time?

Oh boy, I possibly had the best and most CRAZY year ever!!

Possibly one of the best benefits I've found is how much SAFER I am because although I'm traveling solo, I'm not relying on others to take care of me while drunk. I also feel much healthier not drinking, because it relates for me to eating less fatty foods and sleeping more. I also must have saved a bunch of money, that I can use now doing things I love.

Most challenging part of the experience is realizing how socially UNaccepted it is to not drink. In many occasions, I've received weird looks, demands for an explanation why I'm not drinking, pushy people and a few all-inclusive prices of group dinners where paying for the alcohol was a must even if you don't drink.

On a new years eve party last weekend I had my first cocktail again and I really enjoyed the taste. And when I have the chance and desire to drink a glass of good quality white wine, sure I'll say yes.

But hell no, to all the champagne, beer, shots and other drinks I've never really liked for the taste but only drank for peoples expectations or the drunk effect.

2018 will be one without meat and watching this video this morning is definitely helping me in keeping the promise for myself. Enjoy!

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