Camino teachings

1 week passed already and about 130 km is done! Still 370 to go...

The first 3 days where very hard. Later it went much better, I didn't feel like I was going to die from exhaustion anymore. :) But I did a great job, because I'm already one day ahead of my planning.

I have 2 lessons that I became aware of during this camino that I want to share with you:

1. I'm not easely bored when I'm with myself. Some days I'm arriving quite early because I leave before 6 and sometimes I decide to stay in a small village where there are only a couple of other pelgrims. Some people told me that they would rather do another 10km because they prefer there is not much free time left. They feel bored and don't know what to do. For me, I love the free time as much as I love the walking. I can easily entertain myself with writing, reading, reflecting, relaxing with a beautiful view, having a nice meal, ...

I think this kind of free time is a perfect environment for creativity to flow. When feeling bored, it can also be a great opportunity to exercise mindfullness. Just BE in the moment. I noticed that people ( including me a while ago) always feel like we have to do something.

We want to make ourselfs usefull and our mind bizzy. Many people here on the camino are doing this to escape their rat-race lives from home and they just do another race, with themselves or other pelgrims here in Spain. So next time, when you are in need of creativity or a quiet mind, try slowing down.

2. I'm doing the camino alone. People with insecurities about travelling solo who want to give it a try should definitely consider walking the camino. I experience it as one of the easiest and safest ways to travel adventurous and cheap by myself. You meet loads of people on the way, from all over the world, with at least 60% travelling alone. It is incredibly easy to socialise as you meet them in your albergue or they spontaneously start a conversation on the road.

For me, this is almost the danger about the camino. It is so easy to find your comfort zone by creating a lovely new netwerk around you of fellow pelgrims. Some pelgrims are eager to maintain this group and they would rather confirm with the desires or plans of their new friends than the needs of their own body. I'm also strugelling with this sometimes. But the transformation on the camino lays for me in a solo inner journey. Having company once and a while is fun and sometimes you have a great connection with someone. But if you consider doing the camino, maybe you want to take notice of this : put your phone in flightmode down in your backpack, choose your own destination every day by listening to your body and walk at least a couple of hours a day by yourself.

Hasta luego! See you next time! 🔅

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