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Today is my birthday, that's why I want to share this wonderful video with you (with sound on even better!). But I have more to share... (read below the video)

I’m sorry if my words bring you distress, but the venom of silencing is always lurking in the shadows in one form or another.

Imagine what could happen with you if you would consciously breathe out all the violence, abuse, and neglect that has happened to you. Like the natural cycle of purification and detoxification that is built into every exhale. We breathe out carbon dioxide, and the plants return it to us as oxygen.

These are intense times.

I’m talking about forced isolation, loneliness, domestic and sexual abuse, economic and social injustice, mental and physical illness, generational trauma, modern slavery, racism, political enforcement, … All humans on this planet know what it is like to be silenced in your pain in one way or another. This is all still happening as you read this.

I know, taking a deep breath probably won’t fix your pain (but you’d be amazed what conscious breathing can do). We’re going to need a whole lot of courage, bravery, and an unshakable connection to our own inner navigation system of the heart to make it through this time.

Acknowledgment is the first step. Change is the second. Coming from the heart of the mystery and in time (perhaps with support), the remedy of forgiveness will reveal itself.

When we harm others, we harm ourselves. This goes also for our earth, with cosmic consequences. The earth is trying to restore the damage that has been done.

Today is my birthday. A part of me will celebrate and take time for just being with good food, a walk, and a book.

But my heart is crying. I need to break my silence.

This week I watched the documentary “A life on our planet” with David Attenborough. And what my soul already knew, my mind now comprehends even more, and the urgency.

During this whole covid-crisis, I’ve never been afraid of death. Not for myself, nor for my family and friends, nor for the mass. Of course, It’s not that I want people to die, but I accept and even honor death as a natural part of life. If death can’t be part of life, then what is the value of life? A life that should be lived with respect for our resources and gratefulness to what/who created or sustains us, and keeps us alive and in balance. The planet Earth.

My heart cries.

We made it this far as a stage of global disembodiment with our (dis)connection with the earth, we don’t understand that this virus might be another resource offered by Earth to keep humans existing, by keeping it’s home alive. How generous! (And perhaps totally triggering to look from gratitude to this crisis.) Imagine what would happen if we keep ignoring the needs of this planet? Wouldn’t it strike harder and harder until we listen?

I don’t want to fight or compete with Earth. I’m quite sure there will only be losers if we do.

Wild animals and species are decreasing drastically, the lungs of our planet, the trees are being cut, the ones that help us with detoxification of our own breathing system as humans.

The problem is immense, but we already have the knowledge and skills to halt and reverse it. We need to reexamine our relationship with nature, working with it instead of against it, to restore our home planet. There are plenty of measures that our governments can globally take (watch the docu or do your own research online).

Today is my birthday. I feel hope in my heart.

I want to help enable healing in this world. But I’m not in politics, not an environmental engineer, permaculture farmer, etc.

What I can contribute is to guide people to break their silence, and help them heal the violence they’ve gone through.

Because if we hurt others or the earth, we hurt ourselves and our loved ones. Healing our own bodies, minds and the heart will heal the planet.

This is my wish for today.

I hope you may watch my video with the inspiration to awaken love within you and to break the silence to what matters to your heart.

Credits for the talented filming go to Kopacz Bea. Music is from the amazing Marya Stark,

Warmly loving and with good intentions shared,


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