Because, sometimes, you just know better.

Yesterday I kept drawing new cards from my deck, because they didn't give me the answer I wanted. (Recognise that, yeah? 😅) Their explanations felt irrelevant to my question.

These cards usually bring me perspective when I doubt, they allow me to look at choices from different angles. Sometimes I look for conformation in it, asking if my thoughts are in allignment with my heart and the energy I transmit.

So yesterday I took them because I wanted a conformation from the OUTSIDE. On something i was feeling and sensing strongly on the INSIDE.

And as the cards continued to not resonate with me. I knew it didn't matter. As I'm always learning to trust the wisdom of my heart more than whats from the outside, this felt like a great test and message from the cards to not rely on their help this time.

Because, sometimes, you just know better. ☺️💙

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