I’m going to start this blog off with an unpopular opinion in many circles: I believe in the self-healing power of the body working together with the mind.

My body is sending me messages and they are very interesting. If I sprain my ankle, I’ve been running away from something in my life or running too much ahead of all things. It literally puts me down and the immobilisation brings me to the ‘now’. When I’m receiving a vaginal yeast infection, it’s often as an ‘allergic’ reaction to the partner that I’m not in an emotionally healthy relationship with. So it’s ‘forcing’ me to resign sex, which would usually draw me back to them and blurs my view on the situation. When my eyes start burning and my head starts hurting from it, my friends tell me I should look into using glasses… But I think I should just close the digital screens I had been working on for more than 10 hours that day and do something else.

I don’t believe in coincidence, as you can see. There is always a deeper meaning. Sometimes we can figure out its message, sometimes, we can’t. No, it’s NOT your fault if you can’t figure it out. But it’s your responsibility to try to stay open to it.

So when one year and a half ago I heard that there was an alarming amount of dangerous cells found in my cervix, caused by HPV and the doctors were alarmed this might turn into cervix cancer… It got me thinking about the message it was trying to give. (Read more about this diagnose and what this news did with me in this old post. )

VERY fast, like minutes after the phone call from the doctor, I knew it was related to sexual trauma I experienced earlier on. It was in the 2 weeks before the news that a lot of this old trauma came up again. It was there, finally ready to be acknowledged, to be seen, to be heard and to be healed. In the therapy group, I was at that moment I said, I trust that I can heal myself. It was 15 minutes after I spoke those words, that the doctor called.

Now I had a physical way to measure my healing. Because basically, that was it. I wasn’t sick, I wasn’t feeling ill. Though, it was emotionally very hard for me sometimes of course... Because I KNEW it was my responsibility to heal this for myself. No pill or surgery was going to heal me. For me, it was obvious that I had to work not only on my body but also on my psyche, on the trauma, on my mindset.

Apart from the checks every couple of months, I did so many workshops, therapies, healings, consumed turmeric like crazy, used essential oils, … I did so many things.

And you know, during all this work the woman in me grew so much. The woman who dares to stand up for herself and who says both ‘no’ and ‘yes’ to stay true to herself. Who owns her feminity, who’s confident in an empowering and entrepreneurial way. The young playful girl in me and the strong sensual woman are not cramped into an uncomfortable mix anymore.

They both have space to be fully there now. It’s amazing! The way how I honour my yoni now, it became my temple of care and love. How I breathe consciously into my heart every day, so I can live from openness and purity.

Last week I received the news that the cells in my cervix are happy and healthy again. I strongly believe it’s because of creating a whole new perspective on my female organ and by releasing the hurt it’s been receiving.

But above all, I’m human, so I also still slip into old patterns sometimes. That’s why I surround myself with my conscious friends and coaches that help me in this process of healing. I strongly believe that every coach or therapist should continue with personal development while guiding others. No one is ever done with growing.

One of the easy resources I would recommend if you’re suffering physical ailment and open to this perspective is to watch the documentary ‘Heal’ on Netflix. Both spiritual leaders as physicians explain the connection between the mind and the body.

There are 9 key factors to radically improve your health, it doesn’t matter if you’re ill or you want to feel fitter. (Source: the universe! Hehe, and also the documentary of Heal)

1. Radically changing your diet. 2. Taking control of your health. 3. Following your intuition. 4. Using herbs and supplements. 5. Releasing suppressed emotions. 6. Increasing positive emotions. 7. Embracing social support. 8. Deepening your spiritual connection. 9. Having strong reasons for living.

I’m not a nutritionist or physician of any kind, so I don’t want to give you professional advice on 1 or 4, but all the others are tangled in all the coaching, therapy work I do with my cliënts. I usually go through all these points from an angle of intimacy and deeper connection, because it’s a topic so many people suppress a lot of emotions and have limiting beliefs around. While opening up to sexual energy is pure life energy directing you to better health!

Becoming more conscious about the male and female energy in yourself can help you to attract or deepen the relationships and connection you desire. Hah… how beautiful does that sound?

For the Dutch speaking people, I’m happy to recommend the 'Weekend Bewust Connecteren' in May where we will go much deeper in the topic of conscious relating, yin-yang energy etc. This will be organised together with Eve from SoF & Eve’s world who can give you even an interesting addition of knowledge on the 1st and 4th key element mentioned here. Only for people who are ready to explore themselves deeper.

Take care. Listen to your needs. <3

Picture by the great Potvliege Photography

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