I might have told you I have no time at the moment for appointments because I'm busy. I didn't lie, but it's probably not the 'busy' most people would understand in this way...

I'm busy taking deeper breaths. I'm busy silencing irrational thoughts. I'm busy calming a racing heart. I'm busy telling myself I am OK. I'm busy undressing layers of shame and busy grounding my feet in the grass. I'm busy taking in the right nutritions for my body and dance until I feel extatic. I'm busy looking people deep in the eyes, purely for the sake of expansion in connection. I'm busy asking questions my heart desires answers from and receiving direct signals from the Universe to that. I'm busy taking responsibility for my personal needs. I'm busy healing parts of my (un)conscious trauma by bringing them into the light.

I'm busy and I don't apologize for that.

One more week of fully diving into being busy in Estonia! I'll be a better therapist when I'm back to serve and guide you. ❤

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Humble picture of me taken previously by Potvliege Photography

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