01.01.2020 update

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Hey people,

No facebook posts yet from me on all I've achieved in 2019, or my wishes and goals for 2020.

Not because there aren't any, but because I don't feel positive or embodied with it at the moment and that makes it uncomfortable to share or even set it up for myself.

I feel pretty sad, reflecting, inwards, frustrated, doubting, alone... And a bit shitty overall.

I felt also a lot of pressure in feeling amazing and bubbly at this time of the year. But a wise person reminded me today, I can also share how I'm feeling now and be real, like this, on Facebook.

I don't need anything from anyone at the moment, thank you. Apart from feeling seen in my emotions, that's why I'm sharing. I'm just having some growing pains, you know.

Maybe this post makes someone feel they get permission too, to feel less shitty about their shitty feelings in the day of the year most people say something with "happy..."

I will post some ✨ when this 🌧️ has passed.


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