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Who am I writing this for?

I sometimes question myself why I'm posting things on Facebook.

Is it to get attention? Validation? Clients? To feel seen? To creatively express?

Would I still write if no one would interact or like what I write? If no one would care? Or if no one even reads it?

Can I use Facebook as a personal journal like this to reflect? What would that make of you? My audiance? Witnesses?

I don't know.

I got like 3 private messages this week from people in my past that I had not spoken for years. They all told me how they so much love reading all the things I write on Facebook and how open I am about my life...

Am I too open about my private life?

Is it an ego thing to enjoy hearing that they still follow me online? Is it bad of me, to wonder, when they enjoy reading me so much, why I hardly receive interaction from them on my posts in likes or comments?

I don't know.

I tend to go on social media when I feel lonely. When I want to share a message and make an impact with it. When I'm bored. When I want to feel connected to my friends (or my Facebook friends my friends though?) or disconnected from myself.

I often feel like I want to leave Facebook. But also that it would be a hassle to move my business off from it and that brings up laziness. I'm annoyed by the algorithms Facebook has to prevent what I write to be seen by many.

I love this platform for the opportunity for my voice to be heard. I totally love exploring my joy in writing. To practice to share and speak from authenticity.

To see if I can keep sharing and staying true to inspire others with my messages from what's present in my mind and heart, without it coming from my shadows. (Why do I want to inspire though? Another ego thingy?)

And still, also be gentle and appreciative of my desire (and leave the shame and shyness) to take up space and be seen in that truth.

What do you think?

And would you deliberately like or not like when this post in which I share these thoughts about it?

What makes you or keeps you from writing on your own Facebook?


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