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Since I wrote a couple of months ago that I was looking for a new place to live, many people have asked me about it.

“When are you leaving?” “Why do you want to leave Ghent?” “Do you already know where to go?” …

I haven’t found answers yet on many questions, since I posted this in July.

But what I do know is: I’m open to receive the answers!

Once in a while, I get a new lead, a flash, an image, a vision, an answer, or an invitation. Whatever you can call it.

The art of actively creating life myself and allowing life to move through me feels like a dance. Dancing is not about winning, losing, or choosing. It’s all about the balance between control and surrender for it to come out as magnificent expression.

After my extensive travels, I felt called to come back and settle down in Ghent for stability and healing some of my wounds with family and my birth country. I felt how strongly Ghent and Belgium were ready for me and calling me in. And it was right, how crazy it was, I have built a whole new successful community and practice in less than a year.

Picture by Potvliege Photography.

Do not use this photo without our consent.

Now I’ve done that, I wouldn’t be able to sit with this success for a long time to watch it grow or stagnate, so in a way, I’m ready with Ghent. Even though a part of me longs to stay with this stability and safety, and loves the network and friends I have around here. It’s just not how my system is built. I don’t feel I came to this earth for comfort. I came here for a purpose. And a new project is calling.

*** The landing of a Temple. ***

What do I know about this?

🌸 Its home has a connection with nature 🌸 The purpose of this sanctuary is a place for ‘simply being’, no judgment, growth, healing, community, and worship

Extra desires that I would like to see met:

🌼 I’d like to live near to it in minimalist design 🌼 I prefer to hold the Temple space with (a) sister(s) or lover(s)

And, that’s it.

This is what I’ve sent up in terms of the requirement for the creation. That’s how far I want to allow the control to take part in this new life-changing direction.

With whom I’m going to do this, where it’s going to be, where most of the money is going to come from, how it’s going to look like (could be a little shack, a whole castle or …), when I’m going to move…

My impatience wants me to move out of here before next summer, I imagine the structures and the natural materials the Temple could be built off, I fantasize about the people who I would be inspired to collaborate with on this, I sometimes anxiously dream of finding a place near Ghent that still ticks my boxes so I could be near my friends…

But this sacred space is not going to be built by trying to control and dominate every move. When truly connected to me, I KNOW I need these to leave a lot up to ‘surrender’, and just need to listen deeper to the voices and images that come, when time is ready. I need to learn even more to distinguish the differences between the answers that my ego (ratio, emotion, fears, wants, and needs) give me and those who come from my heart center.

I have to wait to be guided into the next moves I need to take. On many days it feels super scary to try not to be anxiously attached to wanting to have a damn say in everything about it.

But what if the Universe is not about us? Then what? What is it about? And what about us?

With warm love,


📷 (Curious why I chose this picture? Here I am feeling totally at HOME with my body as the TEMPLE, in NATURE & total SURRENDER. The essence of the vision for the larger extract to come. But totally scary and vulnerable to share this amount of my sense of freedom ((FREE the naked human body from sexual objectification please!)) with the world as well!)

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