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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I’d like to introduce him to you. His name is Thanos, he’s a tall, raw, bearded looking man.

I want to share how I got to meet him. I met him earlier this year when I was going through a healing process of some old trauma and stuck patterns.

It was a year ago that it had struck me how much issues, fear, and resentment I had towards men. Even though I was craving masculine energy a lot and I was quite magnetic in bringing new men into my life. I had one disappointing, emotional, rejective experience after the other.

At one point I decided it was enough. At that exact same moment, someone I had online basic contact with a few years ago and I was still in touch with on Facebook, posted that he’s a men’s coach, like, for men. My mind went: “Wait, if he can help men, and he is one himself, he knows how I can learn how to be with one.”

That was my first step in understanding how important it is as a woman to heal the masculine energy, to grow as a person. Two needs jumped out that I craved the most in this process that I couldn’t provide for myself:

the feeling of deep safety and stability. Something deeply connected with mature masculine energy.

(Fyi: If you haven’t realized it already by now, I’m referring to masculine and feminine energy as polarities within the spiritual union. It can also be referred to as yin and yang for example. It’s not necessarily linked to gender or genitals of humans, but it could have a connection.)

Another teacher inspired me again to look into my heart, and I found out a man inhabits there, hiding deep into a cave. I learned that Thanos was there already for a long time. He had the body of a 30-year-old, but his development was still one of a wounded, lonely, and judged boy.

I had given over the time of years of personal development so much time to develop my femininity and to grow from the wounded and hurt girl inside of me into a woman, that I totally had neglected the man within.

It took and is it is still a big process for Thanos to develop and take up space in my life as a healthy, mature masculine force.

And oh boy, it’s still a challenge for my inner woman to trust him and even encourage him.

But since I met him, I experience much more of the power to bring safety and stability to my chaotic feminine side (and so many more gifts) into my life coming from myself. And at the same time, it also brought deeper respect and compassion for men around me, who I also see struggling with turning their inner wounded boy into a healthy masculine leader, juggling it as well with their feminine energy that is out of balance.

I’m so grateful for Thanos’s presence in my life

and how this shows that both masculine and feminine energy has an important place in developing a healthier (emotional) self, that this became a profound part of my teaching that I also transmit into the long-term clients I work with (for both man and women).



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