So many people want to talk to me about SEX. But it gets boring sometimes to only talk about some experiences.

Sexual development isn't just about that. It won't improve your sex life or intimacy issues drastically. It might only inspire you...

But sharing conscious intimacy with someone is to be with them in the present moment. It is to share awareness with them. Not just with the physical body.

In order to create that awareness we need to master this sum: Knowledge + experience = awareness.

It's not only about the Kamasutra or the different possible orgasms we can reach, but about a holistic growth and consciousness as a human being. THIS will bring the connection and the intimacy to a deeper level. I believe- (from experience and knowledge,) that deep personal work is how you bring together the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual body in one.

Keep growing, listening, learning, doing, failing, feeling, reflecting, loving & believing people!

Learn about how I can help you bring more awareness in your intimate life by taking a look at my GROW page.


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