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Tune in to your inner compass

1 hour  /   €50

Sexuality is still the most suppressed topic in personal development. Everyone is here because of sex, we are all born of it. Many of us are also having sex, or at least sometimes. Maybe the lack of intimate interaction brings you here. However, because of the shame, sexuality happens in the shadows. Shame is actually the number one barrier holding us back from sexual growth. An experience shared by so many should be empowering, rather than restricting. By talking about intimacy, by learning about it, we bring it into the light. We give it permission and space to be free, and to grow.



If you feel there is a desire to grow in the depth of intimacy in your life, we can organise a private coaching session (live or on Skype). We can focus on self-love, limiting beliefs, or your erotic root story. We will heal shame and pain and help you to create a deeper level of connection with yourself and others


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Grow Closer together

1 hour  /   €65

Couple session

We are with more than 7 659 401 802 people in the world. Still, you chose this one single person (or more, for the polyamorous folks) to become the subject of your attention. You don’t only share your attention, but also your love, time, money, bed, body, heartache, attachment.


Spending a lot of time together and having expectations towards each other coupled with bad communication can sometimes fuck up the harmony of the relationship. Trust issues, lack of intimacy or not dealing well with personal processes can sometimes really harm the connection with the other. This doesn't always mean it's time to give up.


Being in a relationship with someone is a commitment that begs time for reflection. I offer myself as a coach in your relationship.  I offer to be the medium that can bring you closer together. I offer practical advice and will help you to build a bridge to stronger communication in your relationships.

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Experience Conscious Touch

2 hours  /   €160

Tantric Massage 

Mind, body, heart and soul are like a musical ensemble. Each must be finely tuned, well-nourished, diligently practised, and lovingly maintained in order to reach full potential.


When I practice intuitive Tantric massages, the goal of the massage is to awaken the senses to bring body, mind and soul in alignment through the heart. We'll be never sure what we awaken, however. Every psychic conflict, guilt, shame, or unresolved grief can be lodged in the body as physical memories, even when the mind doesn't recall the trauma (large or small). When the place where the psychic difficulty resides is being touched — through massage or energetic touch — it can make the psychic pain accessible and can often be released.


This full-body massage uses sexual energy to increase the awakening of life energy to be felt all over the body. By no means, is it the goal to release that new cultivated energy. You will be able to use this in a positive way for productivity and creativity in the days that follow the massage.


My first priority during this session will always be to create a safe space where there is room for you to connect, have open communication about boundaries, and be guided through the emotions that might come up during the massage. There will always be an opportunity for follow-up and reflection afterwards. The touch is sensual, though it is not erotic.


"So much pain in my chest and throat came up during the massage, I don't even know why I felt so emotional. It touched me deeply about how Minne held the space for me to go through this experience. After this, I felt the sexual energy awakening in me and for the first time in my life, I was able to completely surrender into that feeling. I felt so much lighter and would like to book this massage now at least once a month as a gift to myself."     Jasper - Belgium

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Cuddle Therapy

Instead of awakening sexual energy, with cuddle therapy, we stimulate the brain to release oxytocin. This is a natural chemical many know as the 'cuddle hormone'. The biggest benefits of this are the feeling of connection, a reduction in stress and simply the pleasurable sensation of feeling good.  


Why do I need a cuddle therapist? If you feel satisfied with the quality and amount of touch in your personal life, you probably don't need to book me to assume this role. However, a lot of people experience loneliness, a lack of intimacy and a lack of connection and still crave this attention. This is very normal, very HUMAN. Most people live fast lives, with a lot of focus on work and spending time online. So often our personal physical relationships get forgotten or pushed back in priority until you realise you don't have a strategy, network or energy to fulfil your need to feel connected. 


We work with sessions of minimum 30 min, but you can extend as you like. How you want to spend this time is up to you (within the boundaries of what a cuddle session is meant for). We can talk, be silent, spoon, stand up, have eye-contact yes or no etc. This session is done fully dressed and you can wear comfortable clothes.


Contact me with your questions if this sounds like something you could benefit from.  


30 min / €28


Trauma release

2 hours / € 110

Will receive updated information soon. 

If you want more information about the de-armouring practice, write me. 





Workshops & Retreats

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To create awareness around connection and intimacy you don't need just knowledge, but also experience. There is no easier way to grow than with people around you who are eager to practice with you and a teacher to coach you through the process. 


I've been offering very accessible (introduction) workshops in cities around the world.  This allows you to get to know me, my coaching style, and the topic. Watch my facebook page to receive updates about my new locations and agenda.


I do retreats as a participant all the time! It's one of my favourite ways to learn. You get intensely soaked in the matter, it's not that easy to run away from, the (financial) commitment is powerful, and you get to connect deeply with others. While usually the set up is in a nice holiday-feel spot with someone cooking healthy yummy food for me. What's not to like? 


So yesss, I'm organising retreats myself now as I know first hand how life-changing those can be. 


If you're ready to get immersed in the topics I'm coaching, contact me for more details on the next retreat. 





* Note: I DON'T make diagnoses, give medical advice or claim to heal all your trauma's. I work from my personal experience and professional background as a Socio-Educational Therapist and intimacy counsellor. If needed I will refer or advise you to seek professional medical help. 





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